This website is dedicated to information regarding the Lee Loader series of handheld reloading tools made by Lee Precision. In addition to information, we also sell rare and discontinued sets, as well as New and Used current sets.

Lee Loader Data Sheets - This is a collection of of the data sheets that accompany the Lee Loader. If you have a Lee Loader that is missing the data sheet, we probably have a copy of it. It is extremely important to note that the powder measures ("powder scoops" or "dippers") can vary depending on the year the set was made. A Lee Loader in .44 Magnum from forty years ago will use a different dipper than a Lee Loader made last year. Always use the dipper that the data sheet says to use. Just because there is a dipper in the Lee Loader you found at a gunshow or in your uncles basement does not mean it is the correct one. Make sure the number on the dipper matches the number on the data sheet. To ignore this most basic precaution is an excellent way to get into serious trouble.

Discontinued and Used Sets For Sale - This is a list of used sets that we have for sale. Some sets are very hard-to-find and some are more common. All sets are complete, in working condition, and come with the correct data. Unless otherwise noted in the description of the set, all parts and papers are original. Used sets may also include used current production sets. Always make sure to carefully and thoroughly review the description and pictures of any used/discontinued set you are interested in.

New Current Production Sets For Sale - For over 50 years, more shooters have chosen the famous Lee Loader for their first reloading tool than any other. They realize it is all they need for good, accurate ammunition. In fact, at one time ammunition loaded with a Lee Loader held a world record listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for more than seven years. Millions upon millions of rounds have been reloaded with the famous Lee Loader, and we expect it will continue to be a popular reloader for many years to come. It's the perfect tool for those who wish to simply try reloading, because it will pay for itself in just an hour or so.

The Lee Loader neck sizes only, use only with brass fired through your gun. You can reload a round in 30 seconds. 

Find out for yourself how much fun it is to reload with the Lee Loader. Everything you need to begin loading one caliber and you'll save enough to pay for it in the first hour!

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